AV System

Audio Visual system

Whether it's a meeting, conference room, or board rooms Spearhead offers you range of products and solutions to cater to your needs for AV systems. For decades Spearhead has dug deeper to find the best solutions for our clients—and whether the perfect solution for you requires us to engineer a totally new solution or it’s something we’ve done a thousand times before, our undivided attention is on your success. Our boutique approach to audio visual services includes professional consultation, a team of experienced technicians, and a dedicated project manager who ensures your satisfaction before, during, and after the Project With help from AV Concepts’ creative and technical teams, your event will:

Some of the solutions that we offer of the shelf are:

  • Projectors
  • Video conferencing systems
  • Structured cabling/ cable cubby & POP-UP Box’s (Normal & retractable)
  • Smart interactive Boards
  • Board room Automation (Audio-Video automation & Lighting automation)
  • Boards Av Systems
  • Super TV and Smart Displays
  • POP-UP systems (Normal & retractable)
  • Conferencing Systems
  • Training Rooms

PA System

A public address system (PA system) is an electronic amplification system with a mixer, amplifier and loudspeakers, used to reinforce a sound source, e.g., a person giving a speech, a DJ playing prerecorded music, and distributing the sound throughout a venue or building. Simple PA systems are often used in small venues such as school auditoriums, churches, and small bars. PA systems with a larger number of speakers are widely used in institutional and commercial buildings, to read announcements or declare states of emergency. Intercom systems, which are often used in schools, also have microphones in each room so that the occupants can reply to the central office. Sound reinforcement systems and PA systems may use some similar components, but with differing application

Spearhead offers you range of public address and paging system including the plant communication systems. We offer you diverse products and solution portfolio for your communication and public announcement needs both in analogue and IP platforms. Spearhead also offer specialized large area public address systems spread to few km of range (DAM area emergency announcement systems). Industry Specific Solutions

We offer you industry specific solutions to cater to vast needs. E.g.

We offer you industry specific solutions to cater to vast needs. E.g.

  • Education/ School Broadcasting system / Audio Surveillance
  • Commercial Building /shopping malls /Hotels
  • House of Worship
  • Portable PA
  • Retail /showrooms /BGM
  • DAM Areas
  • Industrial /Plant communication