CCTV Survellainces System

Video surveillance is an important element of management and security control. New advancements in security camera and Digital Video Recording have made CCTV camera and video surveillance one of the most valuable security and loss-prevention solutions available. CCTV security systems are reliable, efficient and simple to use. At Spearhead we bring you latest Integrated Technology in Surveillance system; one can easily integrate analogue cameras and digital IP cameras, and load analog and digital video data into the same interface to become a comprehensive hybrid solution. Remote surveillance is implemented via web-server, 3GPP, IE browser and Hybrid systems offer an extensible solution for multi-site surveillance and control to manage numerous cameras from subscribers. Also CCTV can easily be integrated with Other systems like, fire, Intrusion, Access to offer you centralized command control systems. Thanks to the integration & scalability.

A latest series of Digital video management system coupled with mega pixel range cameras deliver what you may not have seen before. With Spearhead on your side whole new world of digital technology awaits you.

We offer the largest selection of CCTV Cameras:

  • Analogue CCTV Camera
  • IP Cameras/Mega Pixel series Cameras
  • Digital Video Recorders (Standalone, Networkable, Multi-location), CMS
  • Centralized Command Control Center
  • Video Switchers, Monitors, Matrix, NVT, Balloons
  • Face Recognition Cameras, License Plate Recognition
  • Smoke Detector Cameras, Thermal Cameras
  • Special Application Cameras, Explosive proof cameras, water purging and air purging camera