Access Control system

Spearhead offers you world class Access Control solutions to keep the unwanted away. From a single door to thousands of doors connected in network, from standalone system to real web based multi-location, multi-site controllers, driven by powerful, flexible and easy to use software, the system provides an ideal, modular and expandable solution for commercial and institutional needs. It provides seamless integration with range of RFID Proximity, PIN, PIN & PROX, Smartcard and biometric readers and multi technology controllers to know who, where, when and what. Our solution easily allows you to migrate from one technology to other. The multi-technology cards, readers, controllers allow your organization to meet the challenges faced by today word. Designed to deliver what you want not what it can do. Today's electronic access management systems have to go beyond simply locking and unlocking doors. Access management systems can help ensure that only the right people have access to your business, and also create a smart management tool. The proactive security and management features of electronic access control can benefit any business, no matter the size.

  • PIN (Code), Card, Biometric (Finger, Thumb, Iris, Face) based Access Control System
  • Standalone Access Control Systems
  • Network Access Control System/IP Based Access Control system
  • Single or Multi-location
  • Integrated Access Control Systems
  • Automated gates Access Control systems
  • Battery operated and Mechanical Door Locks (Code, Card, Finger) for home application,
  • Smart card based access control systems
  • Lift Access Control systems