Entrance Security

Spearhead partners with you here for the effective use of technology and procedures to mitigate the threats at entry/exit points. Since Entry/Exit Points are most venerable and likely attached areas in any building, securing them becomes even more changing as these points also have to effectively regulate the flow of people and material also. Allowing the right one and denying the wrongs one without substantially compromising on throughput. Thus choosing to use a right security control system is a major step towards securing a building. For the sake of both security and the substantial investment involved, great care must be taken in deciding what type of access and entry control systems to use, and which brand to install.

Whenever possible, entrance security should be a part of the building design and construction, with security considerations going hand-in-hand with the undisputable importance of aesthetics. Building plans must include items such as placement of the entry control devices, security desk(s), and emergency egress routes. If the emergency egress route is outside of the main entrance, you have the widest choice of entry technology to choose from. The lobby of a building also provides the first impression of a company and the look of the entrance control system plays a major role. The atmosphere of the lobby presents an image of the company to building occupants, visitors, clients, investors, and the public.

Careful selection of the best entrance technology and which manufacturer to work with, is crucial to achieving a successful entrance security system. Installing the wrong entrance system can put a strain on tenants or employees if the system is perceived to be too inconvenient. And if the guards stop trusting it and using it effectively, it can defeat the entire solution and your investment in it.

Features important to weigh, include:

  • Desired and Acceptable Security Levels
  • User Acceptance / Ease of Use
  • Traffic Flow / Speed of Throughput

Following are the some of the products used to effectively control and secure the entry and exit points:

  • Boom Barriers/ Manual Barriers
  • Bollards
  • Door Frame Metal Detectors (DFMD)
  • Hand held Metal Detectors
  • Flap barriers / Speed Stiles
  • Under Vehicle Search Machine
  • Turnstiles
  • Security Gates
  • Crush Rated Barriers